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Dead Rising
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Infos zu Dead Rising:
Spiel:Dead Rising (DR)
Genre:Third Person Shooter
Release:08. August 2006
Altersempfehlung (USK):Empfohlen ab 18 Jahren
PEGI Wertung:Alter über 18
PEGI Beschreibung:
  • Extreme Gewalt
  • Gewalt gegen Verteidigungslose Menschen
ESRB Wertung:M - Mature: 17 Jahre und älter
ESRB Beschreibung:
  • Blut und geronnenes Blut
  • Intensive Gewalt
  • Moderate obszönitäten
  • Vorkommen von teilw. nacktheit
  • Nutzung von Alkohol
Andreas Höhne
  • Xbox One Xbox One
  • Xbox360 Xbox360
  • Bewertung:
    (17 Stimmen, 90.59%)
    Bewertung Aktuell (Letze 30 Tage):
     (70.9 %)
    eXga Gamerank: 1728


    Dead Rising follows the harrowing tale of Frank West, a freelance photojournalist after the scoop of a lifetime. In a small suburban town that's overrun by zombies, he escapes to the local shopping mall, thinking it will be safe. Now it's a standoff, with zombies unable to get Frank, but him unable to get out & escape. Fortunately, he's got an entire mall at his disposal. Utilize everything you can find to fight off the flesh-hungry mob and search for the truth behind the horrendous epidemic.


    • Real-time gameplay - Time marches on whether Frank is actively engaged or simply stationary
    • Dynamic enemies - Record numbers of zombies will come at you & react to their environment -- each has unique behaviors and appearances
    • The variety of stores will give you weapons aplenty - an endless supply of vehicles, makeshift weapons, and food are waiting for you
    • Encounter other survivors along the way -- helping them will give you more clues as to what has happened and what you need to do to stop it
    • Visual clarity - Playing in native 720p resolution allows for unprecedented detail and clarity in gameplay


    Dieses Spiel stammt aus der Dead Rising Serie.
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